The Bottom Line by Sandy James

Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink
Genre: Contemporary
Published: 5/6/14
Reviewed by Kate
336 pages

Contractor Ben needs another project, fast.  When high school teacher Mallory asks him to finish all the projects her ex-husband left behind, he’s drawn to more than the money the project will bring.

This one pulled at my emotions a bit.  Mallory has been through a terrible year of life and is trying to bounce back.  Ben is trying to provide a stable home life for his daughter Amber.  The two of them fit together.  Yet they don’t rush into things, which I appreciated.  I didn’t care for the drawn out suspense of what had happened in the last year for Mallory.  It frustrated me, more than drawing me into the story.  And there was some mild kink that just didn’t work in this one for me.  Other than that, this was a solid read.

I’m guessing this is the first book in a upcoming series.  I will read the second one when it comes out, because I’m predicting Beth’s (Mallory’s friend) Vegas vacation will turn out to have some unexpected consequences and I want to see if I’m right.

2 thoughts on “The Bottom Line by Sandy James

  1. Mallory spanking Ben. Although it doesn't come anywhere close to a BDSM read, it just felt like the spanking was added simply for the kink factor. Plus I'm not a huge fan of the woman being the one doing the spanking.

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