Improper Proposals by Juliana Ross

Grade: A
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Historical
Series: Improper #3
Published: 3/24/14
Reviewed by Anne
122 pages

“Instead of instructing young wives on how to roast a chicken or darn a sock or ease colic in an infant, I want you to write a guide that will tell them, plainly and directly, what they might expect from marital relations with their husbands.  It will tell them that it could and should be a pleasant experience, and not a shameful necessity to which they are bound to submit.”  -p.24

When her husband of eleven years dies, Caroline is distraught and alone, with no other family to turn to.  As time passes, she throws herself into the project of writing an instruction manual for young wives.   Once it’s done, she seeks out a friend of her husband’s who is a publisher.  She’s disappointed when he says there’s no market for her book, but he contacts her again, impressed with her writing and proposes she write the same sort of book, but this time have it focused on “marital relations.”

Juliana Ross really shines in this story!  I devoured it in one sitting and wanted to turn around and re-read it immediately!  Since Caroline lives in the country, and her publisher, Tom, lives in London, they send letters and manuscripts through the mail, then meet in person about once per month to discuss things. I loved the contrast between the formal way they talk and write letters to each other and how very dirty they are in the bedroom.  It was great read and an incredibly hot one!  The author also manages to sell me on a second love of a lifetime without bashing the first – something I really appreciate!  

My biggest complaint was how Caroline handled the obstacle they faced near the end of the story.  It seemed out of character, especially when the solution seemed so easy to me.  However, the way Tom reacted really redeemed things.  He was so confident in her love for him and his for her that he was able to handle things well.

I also want to note that Tom is a dirty talker in the bedroom, and Caroline finds that she really enjoys it.  The sex scenes are very well written!  I highly recommend this book – it’s going on my best of the year list!

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