The Dom Project by Helloise Belleau and Solace Adams

The Dom Project
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-High Kink
Reviewed by Kate
157 pages
Robin blogs about her search to find her perfect Dom to help her explore her submissiveness but so far all she’s come across is a long line of duds. Her best friend John is a Dom, although neither knows of the other’s sexual preferences. When they find out, they make a deal. John will act as Robin’s Dom and help her discover what aspects of submission she wants/needs. No sex involved. Surely they can do this experiment and maintain their friendship too.
If you want to take this story down to its bare bones, it’s a friends-to-lovers story with a heavy dose of BDSM. But it is so much more than just that. The characters were deep and complex. The story was fast paced and gripping, hot and searing. The resolution…*insert contented sigh.* This book has stayed in my head since I finished it a few days ago. In a good way.
I do want to mention that there are some scenes involving John and other partners. I mention it because I know that some readers are bothered by their heroes and/or heroines being with other characters. I felt it added more layers to John’s character. It made me want to know even more about him.
I love a story that sticks with me after I read it. The characters come alive in my head. This one certainly fit the bill. I certainly hope that the authors work together again because I can’t wait to see what else they could come up with. What a great read to kick off 2014.
Typically, I don’t enjoy seeing the hero/heroine in other sexual relationships, but this one worked for me. How about you? Does it bother you? Is it a deal breaker for you?

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