Knock Out by Michele Mannon

Knock Out
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Worth The Fight #1
Reviewed by Kay
167 pages

This book is actually more of a three and a half star book for me.

Keane O’Shea is a MMA fighter who is also ex-military. A Marine to be précise. He a big bear of a man in size and temperament. He fights not for the joy but for the release of energy and stress. He also has sex for the release but also because he likes sex. What man doesn’t? His sex life is uncomplicated because there’s no strings attached. The rest of his life is very complicated though. He has PTSD that he refuses to get treatment for. He’s guilt ridden over the death of his best friend and he’s surly at best most of the time.

Logan Rettino is a former ballerina still trying to pay off her medical bills. Her fiancé and dance partner dropped her during a performance and she broke her ankle. This injury ruined her career and her fiancé stole money from their accounts that she alone earned. She’s been insulted by him through the media relentlessly. She’s taken a job as a an Octagon Girl, she carries the cards that announce the upcoming rounds. Because of the humiliation of her injury being made public, people recognize her. She has success at being a Octagon Girl and only needs a few more paychecks to help her open her own dance school. Her boss is a wretch of a man. A surprise kiss starts a media frenzy between her and O’Shea. She’s given an ultimatum by her boss that involves O’Shea or she’s loses her job.

This was a good, solid read. It did seem a little long at times but was good overall. I enjoyed Logan as a character and she had a good heart. Keane O’Shea is a different animal altogether. This man is in real emotional pain which makes me less than pleasant. The love story was slow building but ended well. The sex was great when it finally happened but you did have to wait for it. I haven’t researched to find out if this is a series yet but I would probably read more from this author.

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