M/M Monday – After the Fall by L.A. Witt

Grade: B
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, m/m
Series: Tucker Springs #6

Published: 10/7/13
Reviewed by Anne
206 pages

My love affair with Tucker Springs continues!  Nathan (who we met in the very first book, Where Nerves End) saved up to buy a horse he’d always wanted. Then, on the very first day he got to go out riding, the horse is startled by a motorcycle in the wrong place and throws Nathan off. Nathan breaks his leg and then his hand.  When Ryan, the motorcyclist wants to apologize and help Nathan through his recovery, Nathan hesitantly accepts that help.  They decide Nathan will teach Ryan to ride his horse to keep her in practice while Nathan heals up.
This bad luck beginning turns into a sweet love story!  Nathan is like an open book.  Ryan is much more guarded with his past and he has his own baggage, but he’s very understanding about Nathan’s issues.  The flirting between these two had me smiling throughout the book.  The angsty parts were realistic, too.
The main source of conflict in the story is Ryan’s lifestyle.  He’s happily nomadic, moving from place to place.  He has no problem committing to stay until Nathan is on his feet again, but he’s open about his plans to move on after that.  At first Nathan is fine with this set up, but as his feelings get more involved he feels like he needs to stop this relationship from developing, since Ryan’s wanderlust has doomed it from the start to being nothing more than casual.
Besides their flirting, my favorite part of the book is how Nathan and Ryan treat each other as their physical relationship is developing.  They communicate very well, and that leaves them open to taking care of each other and understanding each other’s issues.  And it’s really well written sex, too!
I can’t recommend this series enough!  I think every entry has been solid for me, and I enjoyed this one very much, too!

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