Run to You by Charlotte Stein

Run To You
Grade: B
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink
Genre: Contemporary
Published: 7/25/13
Reviewed by Anne
186 pages
Alissa is has a lot of self esteem issues. A lot. And she leads a pretty boring life, just plodding along. So she surprises herself even when she finds out about an appointment for an “Assignation” that her roommate is out of town for, and she decides to go check it out herself. It turns out to be a club of sorts that meets at a hotel where the rich and lusty hook up with each other. Alissa is WAY out of her league.

Janos is a god. Rich and good looking, Alissa knows he’d never give her a second glance, even though just one look and the sound of his voice has her lusting for him. Except he does give her a second glance. In fact, he seeks her out. Now what?

Oh, my, this was a good and steamy read. Good, because you can depend on Charlotte Stein’s writing to grab you, and it does in this story. Told in first person from Alissa’s POV, I just didn’t want to put it down. She can’t even believe Janos is interested, and because I’m in her POV, I couldn’t either.

But when Janos turns out to have his own flaws? That’s when this story really shines. When Alissa grabs her own power and believes in herself, the story is a delight!

However, I wasn’t totally satisfied with the ending. I just wasn’t convinced that the same issues wouldn’t continue to crop up over and over and over. That takes some of the glow off of this story for me. Still, overall it was a good read.

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