Beneath The Surface by M.A. Stacie

Beneath the Surface‏ (Reluctance, #1)

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Reluctance #1
Reviewed by Kay
182 pages

Kyran Reese is a man that has to have control at all times. He runs his family’s company basically by himself. When he feels his control slip from time to time, he goes to fight in an underground boxing arena. And with the family he has, he feels the need to fight a lot.

Dale Porter has become Kyran’s brother’s assistant at the office and from the moment he sees her, his control is tested. Dale feels the attraction between the two of them but is confused by Kyran’s running hot and cold. She also wonders what to do with Taylor, her boss. His self-destruction is becoming more and more evident.

Kyran and Dale start a non-labeled, just sex relationship. The only problem is that the more they have sex, the more important it becomes to them both. I really liked it except for a few things. I thought for a woman who never has non-committed sex, Dale was certainly all over Kyran within a few days of meeting him. Also, the writing was abrupt. Not like the book was ending abrupt but situations were introduced and solved very quickly. That coupled with the inconsistencies made the book worse not better for me. The dialogue was sexy and the love scenes were hot. I would read another book by her but I’d be more cautious than excited.

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