M/M Monday – Waiting for Ty Samantha Ann King

Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends, #2)
Grade: B-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, m/m
Series: Lovers and Friends #2
Reviewed by Anne
117 pages 

So, Ty and Landon have been best friends for a long time now.  Each wonders about making that a sexual relationship, but neither knows if the other is attracted to him.  To top it off, neither of them has ever been with a man before.  So they are each secretly lusting after the other.
Finally, having downed enough beers, a celebratory sports hug turns into much more.  And now they have to navigate the aftermath of that night.    Was this a one time thing?  Or something more?
Well, it’s a romance, so of course it’s something more!  This was a quick read and it was pretty good.  It was a solid story and the pacing of it was good.  I’ll admit that I had a hard time keeping the guys straight sometimes.  Overall it had a good feel to it though.  it’s the second in the series, but I had no problem keeping up with everyone.  The first book in the series is Sharing Hailey, and it sounded pretty good!  And I LOVE that Landon appreciates that Hailey has broken ground for him (they’re siblings, if I remember right) when he thinks “He knew for a fact that introducing Hailey’s menage to the family had been more complicated than introducing his relationship with Ty.”
It was good read and I’d read this author again.
This was the first m/m book I read where both guys were m/m virgins.  Are there other books out there you would recommend like this?

One thought on “M/M Monday – Waiting for Ty Samantha Ann King

  1. Anne, both of the books in this series sound really good! I haven't run across a virgin/virgin m/m before, but it definitely sounds intriguing.

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