Mine To Take by Cynthia Eden

Mine to Take
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Genre-Contemporary/Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Kay
151 pages

Trace and Skye were foster children at the same home in their teenage years. Skye’s parents died and Trace’s just didn’t care to raise him. After Trace saves Skye from an attempted rape by their foster brother, they became friends and then lovers. Trace broke up with Skye and joined the Army. Skye became a ballerina and pined for Trace. After an auto accident and the feeling she was being watched, she moved back to Chicago. She tried to hire Trace’s security firm but he offered to help her find her stalker for free. Trace wants Skye back in no uncertain terms.

It was good suspense but I think it’s hard to build great suspense in a novella. The romance was rushed and the lone love scene was hot. I wanted to like it more than I ended up liking it. It was just an okay read for me but I would definitely read more from this author again. Cynthia Eden writes good paranormal books with blistering love scenes that I missed here. Are you a romantic suspense fan?

3 thoughts on “Mine To Take by Cynthia Eden

  1. I try a romantic suspense at least once a year, but so far all it's lead to has been late nights spent reading, just so I could get to the end. I'm just not ready for high level suspense. But one of thse days kay is going to recommend one that I just can't pass up.


  2. I do like romantic suspense so hopefully I will like this book. I do have it on my Kindle so I need to get moving and read it.


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