Menage Monday – Training Their Mate by Vella Day

Training Their Mate (Pack Wars, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-High Kink
Series-Pack Wars #1
Reviewed by Kate

When Liz makes a botched attempt to kill Harvey Couch(who raped her mother), Harvey sends some thugs after her. But not just any thugs, werewolf thugs. It’s a good thing that Trax overhears Couch’s orders and manages to save Liz from the attack, but not before she discovers the existence of werewolves. Trax takes Liz to the home he shares with his brother Dante do they can protect her from other attacks by Couch.

Trax and Dante recognize Liz is their mate(they’re werewolves too-but good ones) but are afraid that if they reveal their furry selves, she’ll run and be in danger. They decide to wait until she’s fallen for them before they tell her the truth. we all see where this is going, don’t we?

Liz’s character is filled with the need for revenge, But surprisingly, she’s smart enough to realize she’s out of her league dealing with werewolves. So she leaves Couch to Trax and Dante. Of course, once she’s no longer worries about revenge, she has nothing else to focus on except Trax and Dante. Trax and Dante are part of an organization who take out the bad werewolves like Couch. Dante is a bit of a softy as far as Liz is concerned. But Trax has a one track mind and can’t pay much attention (or be nice) to Liz until after Couch is caught. Trax is a dominant, so when he does pay attention to Liz, it usually involves tying her up. I honestly pictured the pair doing a good-cop/bad-cop routine throughout the whole book. Trax was unfeeling and Dante was always there to soften the harshness of Trax’s character.

My frustration with this book came not from the characters or the plot, but more from the world the author has created. I had so many questions that went unanswered until the very end ( if they were ever answered), even though they had no bearing on the plot. Questions like: How did Dante and Trax know that Liz was their mate? Was it normal for two males to share a mate? Could non-werewolf females be impregnated by werewolves? The list went on for a while. I feel part of the responsibility of a paranormal/shifter author is to make the reader aware of the rules in their world, because let’s face it-each author’s world is a unique. Not knowing the rules of this world really pulled me out of the story quite a bit.

I am an occasional reader of shifter romance. How about you? A huge fan or not so much?

2 thoughts on “Menage Monday – Training Their Mate by Vella Day

  1. Shifter romances are some of my favorites! But it pulls me out of the story when there are too many unanswered questions. I don't need to know EVERYTHING, but when too many things are left unsaid, then it makes me feel like “she's just making this up!” Which, of course, it's fiction, so it's all made up, but a really good book makes you feel like you're reading a true story, even when you know it's not. ~Anne

  2. One more thing I have to say: that cover bugs me. It's because of the wolf on the bottom right corner. When I look at it I don't see the wolf. My mental conversation goes like this: “What is that? Is that an elephant's trunk? Wait.. OMG is that a distorted double penis? Yikes!” ~Anne

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