The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies by Cassidy Browning

The Masters of Falcon's Fantasies  (BDSM Menage Fantasies #2)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-High Kink
Series-BDSM Menage Fantasies #2
274 pages
Reviewed by Kate

Clifftop Fantasies is a B&B that caters to the BDSM world. It is run by Allie, Karl and Brad who are in a polyamorous relationship. Daphne, a famous rock star known for her wildness, is staying at the B&B with her and and manager Finn while finishing her latest project. Finn has harbored feelings for Daphne for a long time now, but decides he must keep the relationship strictly professional. Daphne has wanted Finn, but when her advances go unreturned she acts out in order to get Finn’s attention.

Finn will do anything to curb Daphne’s self-destructive ways. So when he sees Decker (another B&B guest) has a calming influence on Daphne, he asks for advice. Decker lost his wife and slave a year ago in a car accident and has ignored his dominant side since then. He has come to the B&B to slowly get back into the lifestyle. When he sees Daphne, he knows she’s a submissive and just needs a strong Dom to bring her under control. But he can also see the feelings Finn and Daphne have for each other simmering under the surface. Choosing to ignore his attraction to Daphne, he starts teaching Finn new ways to deal with her.

But Daphne is attracted to Decker as well and after watching Allie with Karl and Brad, she’s pretty sure she knows what she wants. But will Decker and Finn be willing to try a poly relationship or will she drive both men away with her request?

Despite not having read the first book in the series, I didn’t have any problems understanding this one. I did find myself with lots of questions about Allie, Karl and Brad’s relationship though. I have added the first book to my TBR list, because I just have to know more about them.

Cassidy Browning is an author now on my radar. She has probably written some of the most realistic BDSM and polyamorous fiction that I’ve run across. The BDSM in this book isn’t used strictly for fun or sexual satisfaction. It’s also used as a means to rein in Daphne’s wild side and to help her grow as a person. I struggled with that a bit. Sometimes the problems that Finn, Daphne and Decker were dealing with were just too real for my escapism reading habits.

How about you? Do you read for realism or escapism?

3 thoughts on “The Masters of Falcon’s Fantasies by Cassidy Browning

  1. I go in streaks. Usually I really want the escapism, no matter what the genre. I'll go along with a lot of wild plot twists and just enjoy the story. But I get in moods where I really want something real, and I want to feel the hurts and the joys. Mostly I'm an escapist, though! ~Anne

  2. I find that the more I'm out and about in the real world, as opposed to stay-at-home-mom world, the more I can handle the realism. The longer I am with my kids without a break, the more I need the escapism. Reading has definitely become vital to my mental health-especially during summer vacation.


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