Burning Up by Anne Marsh

Burning Up (Smoke Jumpers, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Smoke Jumpers #1
Reviewed by Kay

Let me start by saying that I LOVE firefighters and books about them. I really, really do. I loved Jo Davis’ series and  Bella Andre’s series both and have missed them since they concluded. If there’s a book about firefighters, I’m usually bouncing in my chair until their release date. This book in no way disappointed me. It was fun, exciting, suspenseful and sexy. What more could you ask for?

Jack Donovan is a smoke jumper, meaning that he literally jumps from a plane into fires to fight them. He, his brothers and his friends from the military all created a business doing smoke jumping. He gets a call from his foster mom, Nonna and he finally goes home to find out about a string of fires that threaten the town he grew up in. Needless to his brothers and teammates follow him. He knows his run in with the girl he left behind will be stressful to say the least because he has never gotten over her.

Lily Cortez is a woman on the run from a past she can’t seem to escape. She ran away to the big city to avoid all things that reminded her of the bad boy from school she always wanted but never had. In the city, she built a life for herself only to have it fall apart at the hands of an unknown threat. She moves back to her hometown and things are good for awhile but then fires start to pop up there too.
She knows her stalker has found her again and he can hide in plain sight.

I enjoyed this book on every level. It did kind of drag a little toward the end but did finish well. If you love romantic suspense, this is a mild one in my opinion. The bad guy is a sicko no doubt, but he was also chilling in his pursuit. The two main characters had great chemistry and the love scenes were sexy. I can’t wait for the next book which is on my computer and for me, a book away.

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