Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

Rule of Three
Grade: A
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink
Genre: Contemporary, ménage
Reviewed by Kate

206 pages

Kassidy is finally reaping the rewards of always following the rules. She has a job she loves and is in a fulfilling relationship with her boyfriend Chris. In fact, after a year of dating, they’ve just moved in together and it’s looking like marriage is on the horizon. Then Chris’s best friend Dag comes to town for a visit.

Dag has secretly been in love with Chris since they first met. But it was obvious Chris would never consider a relationship so Dag never admitted his feelings. He left town years ago, trying to outrun his feelings, but is back to see if there’s any chance of being with Chris now.

Kassidy and Dag are shocked by (and Chris is oblivious to) the immediate sparks that fly between them. To their credit, neither Dag nor Kassidy act on their attraction. Instead they spend a few days becoming good friends. When it comes out that Dag and Chris have participated in threesomes together before, Kassidy decides to step out of her good girl box and give a threeway a try. But when everyone’s true feelings are uncovered, will any of them be left without a broken heart?

I had just finished a Harlequin Special Edition and may have been complaining to Anne a bit because, while I love me a good Harlequin Special Edition, it just didn’t have the heat level I was looking for. So later Anne emails me about Rule of Three. Something like, “Saw this menage story. Thought of you.” Aren’t big sisters the greatest?

Kelly Jamieson has a new fan. Because holy hotness, Batman! This one was scorching. The kind where you just have to take periodic cool-down breaks, you know? But the best part was it wasn’t sex written for sex’s sake. These characters were deep and complex and-oh crap, I’m getting a tad gushy, aren’t I?

My only complaint was that the HEA ended too soon.  I would have liked to see an epilogue with this one.  Of course, without an epilogue, I get to make my own up.  How about you?  Epilogue or no?  Which do you prefer?

One thought on “Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson

  1. I'm very pro-epilogue. I don't like to make up my own endings. 🙂

    I enjoyed this one, too, though a HEA is always a stretch for me in the novella format. It's a lot to try to fit into 100 pages or less. I'd read more by this author, though!

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