Rush by Maya Banks

Rush (Breathless, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-High Kink
Series-Breathless #1
Reviewed by Kay

Gabe Hamilton is a very wealthy business man who even conducts his love life like a business. With signed contracts and everything. He has lusted after his best friend’s sister for a loooong time. She has always been forbidden fruit for a variety of different reasons, his best friend would kill him, she’s 14 years his junior and his preferences in the bedroom.

Mia Crestwell is not as innocent as Gabe thinks she is. She was raised by her brother after their parents’ deaths, so they have a very close relationship. She has wanted Gabe for as long as she can remember and she finally got her chance and ran with it.

Gabe asks Mia for a relationship that she has to sign a contract for. I understood why he thought that was necessary but ewww! How utterly unromantic. He may have fought his feelings for her but as the  reader, we can see he loves her. So to treat her the way he does in this book was ridiculous. I never warmed to him as the hero or them as a couple. She was a bit too timid for me and he was an ass. Totally without a chance for redemption for me. When he tries to let other men touch her…OMG!
Ass! I love Maya Banks books, all contemporaries and historicals. I liked parts of the book and will continue the series even though I have issues with this one.

3 thoughts on “Rush by Maya Banks

  1. Look at you, reading a high kink book! Isn't it incredible how you'll follow an author you like pretty much anywhere? I'm like that with Cara McKenna and Charlotte Stein. I don't even have to like the book blurb, I just trust that I'll like the writing. Are there other authors like that for you? ~Anne

  2. Thanks for reviewing this one, because I was really interested based on the blurb. But I think I'll be passing on it now. The contract aspect bothers me for some reason.

    Ionly buy a book if the blurb sounds good or I have gotten a good recommendation, regardless of the author. There are some authors that I've read all their books, but I don't have any auto-buy authors.


  3. I have too many auto-buy authors and for the most part, I am not disappointed. The most prominent ones for me are Shelly Laurenston and Lorelei James. BTW, I was not totally comfortable with the high kink and for me the BDSM storyline is getting played out. It's flooded the market so I may step back a little from it. I have read Maya Banks' Sweet series and it is high kink also. I'm not a total prude, I just don't think someone hurting someone during sex is sexy.

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