A Taste Of You by Sorcha Grace

 A Taste of You (The Epicurean, #1)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-The Epicurean Series #1
Reviewed by Kay

The hero in this book is William Lambourne, a wealthy, single, business man in Chicago. The heroine is Catherine Kelly/ Catherine Ryder, a photographer. They meet outside a restaurant where they literally run into each other. There is instant attraction and it never lets up. They each have had a devastating loss in their lives and those losses have changed who they are as people. We, as the readers, watch them stumble through trying to build their relationship. It was a little frustrating for me at times.

This is a decent book but it never thrilled me. I never warmed to William at all but I did like Catherine. I felt for her because of her loss. It broke my heart when she developed the old roll of film. I think that before this series is over there will be  redemption for William and forgiveness of one’s self for Catherine. At least I hope there is.

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