His Every Touch by Harriet Lovelace

His Every Touch: The Complete Series (His Every Touch, #1-4)
Grade: C-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: High Kink
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM

Series:His Every Touch #1-4
Reviewed by Kate

It’s time for Courtney’s annual review at work. Company CEO Vance has decided to handle the review personally despite her low position in the company. Vance has been waiting for a chance to dominate Courtney for a long time now and the chance has finally arrived.

I think the book started off on the wrong foot for me with the whole workplace sexual harassment setup. Office shenanigans don’t usually bother me, but this one did. Even though Courtney is definitely on board with Vance’s seduction and domination, I wasn’t comfortable with it. When I found out Vance’s motivation for a relationship I was a bit disappointed and quit enjoying his character. I did like the author’s use of flashbacks and it was definitely scorching hot. If you enjoy a quick read, steamy scenes, and office hanky-panky, you’ll probably enjoy this one. 

2 thoughts on “His Every Touch by Harriet Lovelace

  1. There are 4 books that have been combined into this complete series. The page counts for the individual books are 27, 27, 34, and 35 according to their Kindle Store pages. It was a pretty fast read for me.

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