Catch Me if You Can by Stacey Espino

Catch Me If You Can

Grade: C
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink (other than menage)
Genre: Contemporary, Menage

Reviewed by Kate
When Christina’s grandmother died, she left Christina a two-month vacation in her will.  So, dull bank worker Christina heads off to Golden Acres.  But Golden Acres isn’t the luxury spa she was expecting, it’s a farm run by Noah, Jake, and James (dear old gran’s hot cowboy neighbors).
Noah, Jake (brothers), and James (an orphan) were raised by a womanizing drunk who was hardly ever around.  As a result, none of the three have learned to love.  In fact, all of them have a reputation as womanizers themselves.  They know Christina is a commitment kind of girl yet none can resist.
Years ago, when Christina was used by her seventeen year old crush, she decided she was unlovable.  She went on to become the most boring and sexless person possible.  Why does she now find herself attracted to not only one, but 3 hot cowboys?  And can she find the courage to do something about it?  Just how many days in the country does it take to get to the smutty center of the dull bank worker?  One…Two…Three…
I would have enjoyed this story more except little things kept pulling me out of the fantasy.  Little things like:
1.  On the way to Golden Acres, the highway is closed down, forcing Christina to leave her friend (who was driving her) and walk a mile down said closed road to where Noah could pick her up.  What-no detour?  Oh wait, there’s one mentioned on the next page.  Why didn’t she just use that?
2.  When she finally arrives at Golden Acres the first thing she does is take a shower, where she uses a razor she finds in the shower to shave.  Seems a little ballsy to me, right?  Besides, who doesn’t shave before leaving for a stay at what she thinks is a luxury spa?
3.  Jake, Noah, and James don’t even really like each other in the beginning, so how is sharing a woman going to work for them?
Anyway, the list goes on for a while.  Despite all that, the book was definitely hot, hot, hot.

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