Wild Child by Shelley Munro

Wild Child
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Mild
Reviewed by Kay

Zoe Underwood has been in love with Matt Cantrell for years. Matt Cantrell has been in love with Zoe Underwood for years. Neither has admitted this to the other, until now. Zoe’s not taking no for an answer. Matt may try to fight it but he won’t be able to do it for long.

This was my first Shelley Munroe book and I enjoyed it. It was a short, hot read. I will read more by her in the future. The only conflict was that they were stepbrother and stepsister. Matt didn’t live at home with her when their parents married, so they weren’t raised together. It was difficult to wrap my brain around it at first but then it got easier. It’s a cute read  for an evening.

One thought on “Wild Child by Shelley Munro

  1. I agree with Kay’s review for the most part. I had no problem with Matt and Zoe being step-siblings. Because of that, I thought that others’ reaction to them being together was a bit dramatic, especially since they never lived together and weren’t raised together. I also had a problem with the ending – I felt things moved pretty fast.

    I did enjoy the writing, though, and I think a book with a different conflict would work well for me.

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