Lush by Lauren Dane

Grade: B+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: None
Genre: Contemporary

Series: Delicious #3
Reviewed by Anne

Mary is a caterer and phenomenal cook.  Her good friend is marrying a famous rock star, and through their wedding preparations and celebrations, Mary meets, Damien, rock star drummer.  Their attraction is immediate, and they have a one night fling.  Neither expects more than a night.  They are both very busy and successful in their own ways.  However, they start texting each other and really look forward to meeting again at a concert Mary and her friends were invited to.  

That’s really all there is to the plot.  Once they see each again, they start making ways to see each other.  The story is about how they realize their feelings for each other and how they work out their physical distance and busy schedules.  I really liked it.  I’m certainly love a low conflict romance, and this series by Lauren Dane fits the bill perfectly.  This was another solid entry.  I also enjoyed seeing the friends and couples from the books that came before this one, both in the Delicious Series and the Brown Siblings series before this one.  The characters from these previous books make cameos, but some have pivotal best friend roles, and I think you’d enjoy the book more for having read at least the Delicious series.

From the previous books, I knew I liked Mary and her friends.  Damien and his brothers were a delightful surprise in these books.  I especially liked Damien’s confidence.  He knows he’s lived a pretty wild life.  He’s cut back lately and is making more changes after meeting Mary, but he’s not ashamed about the life he lived before.  Mary is also confident in herself and comfortable with how much she likes sex.  I enjoy reading confident characters, especially confident women.  Yet neither Damien nor Mary is perfect, and watching them make mistakes and recover makes for an even better story.  I really want to pick it up and read it again!

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