Hotter Than Hot by Tina Leonard

Hotter Than Hot (Pecan Creek, #0.5)
Grade – D
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – No Kink

Genre – Contemporary, very short story

Series – Pecan Creek #0.5
Reviewed by Kate

Small town virgin librarian (is there any other kind?) Monet has a secret second job as a sex-advice columnist. When threatening letters start arriving in town, her father hires Elijah to be her bodyguard. Monet decides it’s time to learn something about sex and Elijah would be the perfect teacher.

This one is extremely short. Kindle has it listed a 78 pages but I read it in under an hour and it was over by the 47% mark. The rest was a sample of the next book in the series. It seems like a teaser to draw you into the full length book releasing next month, but it falls flat.
There are no struggles or obstacles for the characters to overcome, no tension whatsoever. I’ve seen more tense episodes of the Brady Bunch. The ending is too quick, too easy, and too perfect (just like the Brady Bunch, come to think of it.)

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