Edge Of Dawn by Lara Adrian

Edge of Dawn (Midnight Breed, #11)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Midnight Breed #11
Reviewed by Kay

Edge of Dawn is the latest installment of Lara Adrian’s very successful Midnight Breed series. It takes place 20 years after Darker than Midnight. Mira is the heroine and she was a child when we first met her. She’s a Breedmate (potential mate/wife) for any Breed male. She also has a special gift like all Breedmates. Hers is that anyone who looks into her eyes can see their future. What people see isn’t always pleasant and each time her eyesight weakens. She was taken in by the Order and raised by a warrior couple.

Kellen Archer is the hero and a Breed male. He and his grandfather were saved by the Order years ago after the rest of his family was slaughtered. He was a sullen and somber teen aged boy. He trained and became part of the Order. He and Mira were best friends and that grew into lovers. Kellen was on a mission where he died, although his body was never found.

Mira still grieves for him and sometimes it bleeds over into her missions. She’s had some reprimands and is stuck babysitting a human inventor and is to escort him to a conference at which he is to be honored. Mira and the human are abducted by a rebel group. Here is where the fun starts.

I love the Midnight Breed books. Lara Adrian has always been an auto read for me. It was interesting to catch up with past characters. Also it was fun to read about the dynamic of the two societies interacting. In previous novels, the humans are unaware of the Breed existence and now they are. I would like to read about the rest of the team members. I loved this book right up until the end. A certain plot twist left me a little confused and irritated. I would still recommend this series to anyone who loves a good paranormal series.

4 thoughts on “Edge Of Dawn by Lara Adrian

  1. Wait…I'm confused. Kellan is dead? Obviously I'm not familiar with this series, but how does the romance with Mira work?


  2. I am REALLY excited to read this book and the 26th cant get here fast enough for me. It will be interesting to see what its like 20 years in the future. Lara Adrian is also an auto read for me. Great review!

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