Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly

Angel Baby
Grade – C+
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – None

Reviewed by Kate

Claudia goes into labor while visiting her husband’s grave. Chase, who stopped to visit his mother’s grave, decides to drive her to the hospital. Realizing they won’t make it in time, Chase takes her to his house (conveniently close by-where any good hero’s house should be) to wait for the ambulance. Claudia ends up delivering baby Sarah in Chase’s bed.

Fast forward 9 months. Claudia is moving closer to her only friends and has a job interview. To her surprise, the interviewer is Chase, the owner of the company. No one should be surprised that he hires her.

Both Chase and Claudia are surprised at the strength of their attraction to each other. Both are battling with childhood issues that make them deny their attraction. Both follow a fairly predictable path to love.

I was surprised by the ending.  Instead of Chase turning into a sudden jerk and believing Claudia has done something completely out of character until she can force him to see reason, the author chooses to let Chase trust in the love he has for Claudia.  An ending that just didn’t seem to fit the formulaic story.  It actually felt too anti-climactic.

One thought on “Angel Baby by Leslie Kelly

  1. So, for those of you who don't know, Kate is such a devoted reviewer, that she types her reviews on a smart phone, which is her only internet connection right now! She emails them to me (Anne) and I post them for her, adding in the book covers.

    I've seen this book on my Kindle. It's got a big preggo belly and curly font. I can't get a good copy of this cover. The only one I could find has the Amazon “look inside” logo on it. It seems weird to me to post this review with a new to me cover. It just bothers me, so I had to share that bother.

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