Candy Store by Bella Andre

Candy Store
Grade – C+
Hotness Level – Blaze
Kink Level – None

Reviewed by Kate

I have been wanting to read a Bella Andre book for a while now, but the price tag on most of her full lengths are more than I like. So when this one came up as a freebie, I snatched it up — despite its nearly novella length of around 118 pages.
Right off the bat, the title reminded me of a disturbingly suggestive Brady Bunch song called “Candy (Sugar Shoppe)”.  Seriously, check out the lyrics sometime and see if you don’t agree. Who knew the Bradys were that dirty? But, I’m guessing that’s an issue that probably won’t bother most of you. Anyway **clearing throat** on to the review…

Callie is at a wedding one night bemoaning the fate of her candy shop. Unless she can make a lot of money fast, she’ll have to close the doors on her dream. It’s a good thing a consultant is coming the next day to help her out. It’s also a good thing there’s a really hot guy at the bar, willing to take her back into the commercial refrigerator of the reception hall and help her forget about business for the night.

Derek hates weddings and wouldn’t be at this one if he wasn’t the best man. Luckily he meets up with Callie, who proves to be just the distraction he’s looking for. But he’s a little confused when she runs away after it’s over.

The next day Callie heads into her store to await the consultant. That consultant, of course, is Derek. After taking care of some naughty business, they get down to the business of saving her store. I sure hope they remembered to bleach the counters-and the refrigerator-and the tables…

This was a fast read with characters who I immediately felt comfortable with. Although it was not a book I will reread, I look forward to reading more by this author.


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