Paradise Awakening by Jaci Burton

Paradise Awakening (Passion in Paradise, #1)
Grade – B-
Hotness Level – Inferno
Kink Level – None
Genre-Contemporary, novella

Series – Passion in Paradise #1
Reviewed by Kate

Professor Serena Graham knows her sexual fantasies could cause her to lose her job if anyone in her small hometown were to find out. So she books a week stay at the Paradise Resort to try some things out.

When she arrives, her suite has already been taken by author Michael Donovan, who is at the resort doing research for his next novel. Michael had planned on bringing his girlfriend along but she cancelled on him. He is not to upset as that relationship was falling apart anyway.

There are no other rooms available, naturally, so Michael and Serena decide to share the two bedroom suite. That agreement quickly turns into an agreement to share all the experiences offered by the resort…no strings attached.

This one is HOT, HOT, HOT. Even though there are tons of steamy scenes, you are still able to get to know Michael and Serena. The conflict in the book stems from the ‘no strings attached’ part of the agreement. Of course, they both fall for each other. Of course, he denies it and then feels guilty for hurting her. Of course, she tells him she loves him right before she leaves. And of course, he tracks her down afterwards. A fairly predictable plot…broken up by some really steamy action. Did I mention HOT?

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