Comfort Reads

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Elite Ops #2
Reviewed by Kay

Micah Sloane has no family. He is an Elite Ops agent and a former Mossad agent. He was a former Mossad agent because he’s no longer alive. By that, I mean that he was reported dead but he is actually still living. He is part of the group that Noah Blake is from. He has a chance to catch the killer that murdered his parents, but to do so he has to use Risa Clay as a way to lure out the killer.

Risa Clay has had the most horrific things happen to her. She was a victim of a kidnapping, she was drugged, she almost died, she was brutally raped while her father watched and she was wrongfully institutionalized to keep her quiet. She was raised by monsters who told her she was so ugly no one would ever want her and and she should never procreate and pass that ugliness on to a child.

She decides it’s been long enough after her rape to embrace her sexuality. She’s given the rest of her life six years to settle and now it’s her sex life’s turn. She meets Micah and from there her life will never be the same. As the situation is explained to her, she is resentful towards Micah, as she should be. But the part that hurt me was that she was accepting of the fact that there was a contract on her head. She was willing to go along with being the bait, she just didn’t want Micah posing as her love interest.

I rank this book right up there with Lora Leigh’s Wild Card. I even cried harder in this book. Every emotion is felt while reading it. You cheer for Risa because no one else ever has. Even at the height of betrayal for Risa she conducts herself with as much dignity as possible.  You have to read the entire Tempting SEALs series to fully understand what’s going on but I encourage you to do it. This novel is worth that and so much more.

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