Comfort Reads

 Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs, #4)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-Tempting Seals #3
Reviewed by Kay

Book two deals with the continued aftermath of the date rape drug that has been unleashed by Diego Fuentes and his associates. Diego is a huge part in this series but so far more of a bit player. He was one of the men behind the kidnapping of three young girls. All in their teenage years to very early twenties maybe. Two of the three girls were rescued but one died from complications of the drug. Two of the three girls were raped repeatedly including the girl who died.

Emily Stanton is one of the survivors and was not one of them that was raped. She is the heroine of this book. I loved Emily. She was a pistol. A kindergarten teacher with a fierce sense of adventure. Her father is a retired SEAL so she has grown up around her father’s men and associates. She has carried a torch for the elusive Kell Kreiger.

Kell Krieger, who we first met in Dangerous Games, is also a SEAL and friend of the Stanton family.
He has secretly longed for Emily but considered her too young in age and experience for him. He and his SEAL team are brought in to protect Emily when information points to the Fuentes cartel being on the hunt for Emily.

Lora Leigh involves us in a continuing storyline with the date rape drug and a couple of pretty big plot twists. This is one of my favorites in this series. Emily and Kell were precious together. If you are wondering about the love scenes…blistering!

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