Ballroom Blitz by Lorelei James

Ballroom Blitz
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series-No series, but there is a McKay appearance.
Reviewed by Anne

I really enjoyed this contemporary novella.  Jon White Feather is something of a rockstar drummer in a Native American rockband.  His teenaged niece, Raven, talks him into attending a ballroom dance class with her while he’s taking a break from touring and deciding what he wants to do next with his life.  Jon is a softy and easily agrees to take the class with Raven, though he warns her that he’s not a very good dancer.  This turns out to be quite an understatement!  Jon is a horrible dancer, and Jon and Raven end up getting quite a bit of extra help in class because of his lack of rhythm. 

Maggie is teaching the class with her Gay Best Friend [TM] (that has to be a trademarked cliche somewhere right?)  The attraction between Jon and Maggie is immediate and intense.  Jon invites Maggie to come see him play.  She’s heard of his band before, but has no idea what a huge following they have.  Jon asked her to stay after their set to see him, and she does.  When Jon comes out after the set, they are all over each other.  Unfortunately they get caught by a bevy of fans, AND Maggie’s older brother.  Older Brother is NOT pleased to see Jon and his little sister together.  Right on the heels of this confrontation, the fans show up and Jon has to finish cleaning up and Maggie feels ignored and ends up heading home alone.  (I thought she gave up too easily here.)

Never fear, because Jon tracks her down and good times follow. The conflict in this book comes from Maggie and Jon’s careers and whether they can make time for each other.  I thought this conflict was very believable!  At the same time, I didn’t like the pacing of the resolution and the very end of the story.

Overall, the book was a winner for me.  Lorelei James writes good banter and good sex.  I smiled and laughed a lot.  Here’s a favorite quote:

     “My life – sex and otherwise – has been very tame compared to yours.”
     He flashed her that pure bad-boy grin. “Lucky thing you have me here to further your raunchy education.”
     Maggie raised an eyebrow. “The student becoming the teacher? Bring it.”
     “Well, I have had this fantasy of smacking your ass with a ruler.”
     “Not a chance, little drummer boy. But if you do well on the oral exam I might let you bang my erasers.”

This would have been an A read for me without my frustration with the pacing of the ending.  I still really enjoyed the story and would recommend it!

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