Pride and Pleasure by Sylvia Day

Pride and Pleasure
Hotness Level- Inferno
Kink Level-None
Series- None
Reviewed by Kay

Eliza is an heiress but one with a brain. After being pursued for five Seasons, she is looking forward to getting the sixth over with as well. If she doesn’t find a man to settle down with, she will be allowed to take her inheritance and live her life as she wants.

Jasper is a thief-taker, which I thought of as a person who skirted the law. He has revenge on his mind and nothing will stop him from achieving it. He agrees to work for Eliza so he can keep her safe and an eye on one of her prospective suitors.

Both of these characters have secrets in their past. I did enjoy that part of this story but honestly that was about it. I have read Sylvia Day’s historical novels before and never been a fan, but a friend suggested it to me. I thought I’d try it for her. She had used the word epic in her description of this book. Let me explain something, I love historical romance. Not just a little but an enormous amount. I believe my favorite genre is contemporary but I crave historical in a way that I don’t contemporary. When I salivate over a possible epic historical, like I did this one, I worry. Worry about heightened expectations and possibilities of disappointment. I got that here in spades.

I love Mrs. Day’s Crossfire Series and highly recommend it but not this book.

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