Nauti Temptress by Lora Leigh

Nauti Temptress (Nauti Girls, #1)
Hotness Level- Inferno
Kink Level- Low
Series-Nauti Girls#1 (tied to the Nauti Boys series)
Reviewed By Kay

This novel starts with a twist to the male dominated Mackay family. Dawg’s family line to be exact. He finds out out he has four half sisters courtesy of his father. He takes them and their mother in and provides for the family.

Then the story jumps ahead several years to Eve, the oldest of Dawg’s siblings. She is in love with Brogan Campbell, a suspected traitor. Well obviously he’s not and thus starts their story. It was a little sweet, a whole lotta heat and vintage Leigh writing.

I have enjoyed Lora Leigh’s writing for several years and she’ll always have a special place in my heart. She introduced me to steamy contemporary romance and I consider her the queen of that genre. I have felt the last several books she’s had, I haven’t connected with. Regardless, I will always hold out hope and read anything she writes because when she’s on, she’s on fire! See Wild Card that sees a love story to it’s full fruition, Maverick that shows us that sometimes the perfection comes to the most scared and deserving of us. Nauti Night and Nauti Dreams that made me fall in love with the Mackays. Nauti Intentions that introduced me to Alex Jansen which is one of the HOTTEST books I’ve ever read and Only Pleasure that touched me in ways I never expected.

Keep writing Lora and we’ll keep reading.

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