Reckless For Cowboy by Daire St. Denis

Reckless for Cowboy (Stampede Sizzlers, #3)

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Series-Stampede Sizzlers Short Story
Reviewed by Kay

Her name is Brooke. His name is Cooper. She works as a waitress in a bar but starting law school soon. He is a bronc rider in the rodeo. They have an instant attraction at her work. They set up a date after a bet is lost by her. The bet was Cooper would kiss her best friend who’s a gay man by the way. He did and it was a real kiss. Their date of course soon leads to sex and it’s hot.

My problem was none of this meshed for me. A straight guy is not under any circumstances gonna kiss an openly gay man. I just don’t buy it. The story seemed rushed and almost jumbled. I know this is a novella/short story but still. I will say it has a very nice cover.

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