With This Ring, I Thee Wed edited by Alison Tyler

25 stories of ~10 pages each
Anthology of Contemporary Romance
Hotness Level- Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Reviewed by Anne

I really enjoy short stories. This was a large collection of ~10 page stories centering on a wedding theme. As usualy with anthologies, it was a bit hit and miss. In the end, though I went with a grade of 4, because there were some real standouts for me.

My favorites include:
Racing to the Altar by Sommer Marsden
A Lucky Wedding by Thomas S. Roche
Forsaking All Others by Janine Ashbless-
Strippers and Cigars by N.T. Morley
Something Blue by Shanna Germain-
Anniversary Waltz by Portia Da Costa
Love, H…moreI really enjoy short erotica. I love that you can read a whole story in a short setting and explore things you might not be willing to spend a whole novel’s worth of time or price to see if you like.

My favorites include:
Racing to the Altar by Sommer Marsden – This story features a bride speeding on her way to her wedding, pulled over by a policeman who is NOT sympathetic to her cause.  This was one HOT story!

A Lucky Wedding by Thomas S. Roche – A nice interlude alone in the bridal suite before the wedding.  Again, it’s hotness of it that gets me.
Forsaking All Others by Janine Ashbless– This was a really interesting story about a couple who often had sex with another couple who were good friends of theirs while they were dating.  It follows their decision of what they would do after they marry.  I thought it was well written!
Strippers and Cigars by N.T. Morley – He told his friends he didn’t want a stripper for his bachelor party, but she gave them different instructions.  The exhibitionism of this one is nicely written.
Something Blue by Shanna Germain– What if your something blue was bruises and you liked it that way?  Yes.
Anniversary Waltz by Portia Da Costa – This is an anniversary story.  She’s spent too much money this month, and the anticipation of what he’ll do when he finds out – on their anniversary, no less – makes for a great story.  I didn’t realize it was Portia Da Costa until I was writing up this review.  She’s becoming a favorite of mine!
Love, Honor, and Obey by Rita Winchester – This is a bachelorette party.  The bride is getting a little nervous, but then she gets a call from her groom telling her “Just Say Yes”.  Another well done exhibitionism story.
Taking Vows by Kristina Wright – This couple is getting ready to renew their vows, a ceremony their adult children have organized without realizing that their parents are ready to file divorce papers.  There are reasons they don’t want to tell their kids just yet, and they are believable.  This story is about the two of them the night before the ceremony.  I loved it.  As I get older I have a great appreciation for stories about couples who are already married and continuing to work through the different issues that come up and continuing to love each other.

Mother of the Bride by Cheyenne Blue – This story really stood out for me because of its tone.  It’s about the mother and father of the bride right before the wedding.  Their mood is very bittersweet.  I thought it was a rare example of sex during a sad, tender moment.  As with the previous story, an older already married couple is the focus.  I loved that it was sexual and hot along with being about mature people at a day that was a little sad for them.

One final mention is for the story Something Old, Something New by Sophia Valenti.  It features a young newlywed couple on a cruise ship where they meet a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.  The younger couple happens to spot the older couple having sex on a desserted ship deck one night.  That particular scene was wonderfully hot, though the story itself was just a 3 for me.

The ones I really didn’t care for were about cheaters and cheating, which I really didn’t enjoy.


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