Tuesday Tidbits – 9/23/14

Amazon reviews can always be a fun way to pass an afternoon.  It’s even better if someone points you to the right place!  So, check out this review for Veet for Men with the caution that it’s really not for genital use:



Credit where credit is due, I found out about this review via tickld:


Thursday Tidbits 9/18/14 – Cosmo’s Raunchy Pickup Lines

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Normally I’m not a Cosmo kind of girl (I’m talking about the magazine, not the drink, though I’m not a cosmo-drink kind of girl either…)  Anyway, despite not generally enjoying Cosmo, I really got a kick out of these pick up lines for women!  Enjoy!  (And, thank you Pinterest!)


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Tuesday Tidbits 9/16/14 – Romance Writers Know What Fisting Is

Kate and I (Anne) are fast readers, but Kate’s going back to college (yay Kate!) and I’ve just never read as fast as her, so we’ve made the decision to scale back to 3 book reviews per week.  When we can, we’ll offer a book related link or post on the off days.  They might be a little dated, but, honestly, that’s how I experience the internet – a week or a month behind when everyone else in interested in things.  So, in case you missed it, I present “Romance Writers Know What Fisting Is”


Start here to read where it started:

And continue here to read Victoria Dahl’s addition to the discussion:
Enjoy!  And feel free to point us toward other amusing romance related links in the comments!