Hold Me Down Hard by Cathryn Fox

Hold Me Down Hard
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Reviewed by Kay

Eden Carver is a farm girl from Iowa who moved to New York to become an actress. Jay Bennett is a police officer for the NYPD. They are best friends who live across the hall from each other. Oh, and they secretly lust after each other, Neither will make a move because they think their desires are too dark for the other and they don’t want to ruin their friendship.

This was a very short read and its HOT! Not a lot of story but it wasn’t really long enough to tell one. Eden tricks Jay into kissing her and more. I’m certainly glad he fell for it. It’s a entertaining and erotic short story.

Double Down by Katie Porter

Double Down (Vegas Top Guns, #1)
Grade: C+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink (role playing, spanking)
Genre: Contemporary

Series: Vegas Top Guns #1
Reviewed by Kate

When Major Ryan Haverty sees the waitress wearing seamed stockings, he’s a goner. Cassandra Whitman is tired of having to put up with crap from the restaurant manager, who is also her ex-boyfriend. So when Ryan starts flirting, Cass decides to get back at the ex-boyfriend by making a dramatic exit on Ryan’s arm. The exit leads to a steamy weekend of role playing. Both Cass and Ryan are enjoying the fun, but Ryan is ashamed of his desires at the same time. Ryan’s fiance left him years ago because he asked her to wear a costume for him. But when one weekend leads to more, will they be able to work through their internal sludge to get to a happily ever after?

I really liked Cass’s character. Once she manages her dramtic exit, she goes on a journey turning herself from mousy to bold and daring. I wish I could say I enjoyed Ryan’s character as much. His internal dialogues were filled with mini pity parties that drove me absolutely nuts. I found myself wanting to give him a big smack upside the head. But, whether maid and employer, call girl and john, or student and professor…hot, hot, hot!