Eternal Fires, Eternal Love by Lynn Stark

Grade: A-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: paranormal, m/m/m menagé, shifter
Series: White Horse Clan #1
Published: 4/5/14
Reviewed by Kate

After the death of their mate and children almost 50 years ago, Ian and Malcolm, (a vampire) haven’t been as close as they once were.  Ian (a warhorse shifter) has been lonely but content to stay alone, but now he’s feeling the need to gather mates and form a herd once more.  And Malcolm keeps reminding him how much he needs that bond.  When Malcolm and Ian catch the scent of their mate, they discover Danny, a younger (in shifter terms) gibbon shifter, and the hope that maybe they can have that deep connection that comes with a mated triad once again.

I find it hard to write a review comparing this book to others that I’ve read because there was so much uniqueness with this one.  I’ve never read a m/m/m menagé before, much less one set in a paranormal world.  So I’ll share my 5 favorite things about this book.


  1. Come on!  A vampire, a warhorse, and a gibbon walk into a renaissance fair…what sounds like the start of a joke is actually the start of a great book.


  1. You’re forced to abandon all former “rules” you’ve had when reading paranormal romances and immerse yourself completely in the world Lynn Stark has created.  Much like the way Stephanie Meyer threw the rules of vampires out the window when she wrote about sparkly vampires in the Twilight series, Lynn Stark has rewritten the rules of almost every paranormal romance I’ve read.


  1. Ian is considered an alpha, the leader of his non-existent (at least at this point) herd.  As such he can impregnate both females AND males!  And yes, we get to see exactly how that all plays out.


  1. All sorts of paranormal creatures.  Obviously vampires, warhorse shifters, gibbon shifters.  But also trolls, griffins, dragons, giraffes, rabbits, wolves, and more.


  1. Danny’s inner gibbon often comes out.  Being younger, when he is scared he often finds himself shifted to gibbon form and climbing up to cling to one of his mates.  This made me laugh too many times to count.


While I know that this one won’t work for everyone, I’m really in love with it and I can’t wait to read the second one!  If you like menagé, m/m, or paranormal romances I suggest you give it a try.  If you’re like me and enjoy all three of them, this is a trifecta of goodness just waiting for you to read.

The premise of this one is kind of out there, but it really worked well for me.  What’s a premise that sounded outlandish but you really ended up enjoying?

Bound to the Sea by Lyra Fawn


Grade: B-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Serial
Series: Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins #1
Published: 7/15/14
Reviewed by Kate

Two dolphin princes, a gang of murderous shark-shifters, and one little librarian with an over developed sense of curiosity.  Put all in a blender, mix well, and you’ve got the first book in this dolphin-shifter serial.

Lucan and Dario are princes from warring dolphin pods.  They have been exiled and sent to land to find a descendant of Neptune.  The Descendant will be able to finally bring an end to the dolphins’ war.  Mona has been drawn to the water all her life and spends a great deal of her time lying on the beach watching all the surfers.  It’s no surprise that she spots Lucan and Dario the minute they step on the beach. They just have an aura about them.  What is surprising is when, in the midst of a shark attack, she notices them shift into dolphins and drive the shark away.  What’s a girl to do?  She either has to follow them to see if they really did turn into dolphins or she will have to wonder the rest of her life.  Of course, she follows them.

I got a little excited when I read the title of this series.  Dominate dolphin shifters?!  Sign me up.  And I was not disappointed.  Lucan and Dario are both swoon-worthy princes.  Mona is impulsive and carefree.  I feel like her character has some growing to do, but this is only the first part of a serial, so I’ll cut her some slack.  I look forward to seeing where these characters go from here.

I do feel it worth noting that there are a few steamy sex scenes in this book, but no menage scenes…at least not in this installment.

I’m curious on two things though.

1.  I was ridiculously excited to read about dolphin shifters, is there type of shifter that you wish someone would write about?  Or a kind of shifter that you wouldn’t want to read about?

2.  The new fad of serial releases is starting to grow on me a bit.  How about you?  Are you a serial fan or not?


Peanut Goes to School by Thea Harrison

Grade: A
Hotness Level: Spark
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Non-Romance, Paranormal, Shifter
Series: Elder Races #6.7
Published: 7/14/14
Reviewed by Anne
49 pages

Note: This is *not* a romance, but it’s an awesome short story that I recommend for readers who have enjoyed the Elder Races series, or even just Pia and Dragos’ story.

Drago and Pia have a son, Liam, nicknamed Peanut.  He’s biologically about 6 months old, physically about 6 years old, and mentally even older.  Oh, and he’s an incredibly cute magical shapeshifting dragon.  He’s maturing very fast, and his parents want him to have some social experiences at a school before he progresses too far beyond his physical peers.  So they send him to first grade.

Most of the story is told in Liam’s point of view, and I really enjoyed his voice.  He runs into situations at school that were a little far fetched, but I’ll accept it as normal in a world that holds dragon shifters.  I especially enjoy the world building and explanation of predator and prey as explained from a young boy’s point of view.

It’s a cute story that could stand alone – I know I have only read a couple in this series and still really enjoyed this one.