One Night With An Earl by Jennifer Haymore

One Night with an Earl (House of Trent, #2.5)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-House of Trent #2.5
Reviewed by Kay
120 pages

This is a short and very sweet novella. It’s about an Earl, who never thought he’d be one and a widow who thought she had lost her chance at love before she ever married.

Andrew Sinclair, the Earl of Weston reluctantly agrees to attend a masquerade party held by a member of the Ton. What he finds there is the chance to be with the only woman he has ever loved, Lady Fenwicke. He never thought he’d be the Earl of Weston because the heir before him was sure to have children. Then that heir died but when he tried to claim the woman he loved, she was betrothed to another.

Lady Beatrice Fenwicke, before her marriage, was an innocent seventeen year old girl. During her marriage, she was a victim of domestic abuse. When she was widowed, she became a pariah. Someone to be given the direct cut, ostracized and she became a recluse. She agrees to accompany her best friend to the masquerade ball knowing what her heinous parents would think. She sees the perfect man there. Can she let go one night in her miserable existence? Can she have one night with an Earl?

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the House of Trent series. But this novella? I’m a huge fan of it! It was precious, well paced and steamy. It had a couple of things that are my favorite tropes. Second chance love, a heroine who becomes strong and a loveable hero. Jennifer Haymore was a favorite author of mine with her first series but I kind of got lost after that but now I may have to re-evaluate. Oh, who am I kidding? You had me at masquerade ball.

Favorite lines:

“You have the sweetest laugh I’ve ever heard.”- Andrew

“i’m going to work to earn your trust. I know that’s difficult for you. But if one day you trust me completely, Beatrice, then that will be my greatest reward.”

Smokin’ Hot by Lynn LaFleur

Smokin' Hot
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Reviewed by Kay
288 pages

Smokin’ Hot is the latest book by Lynn LaFleur. It has three short stories about volunteer fireman in a small town in Texas. The stories blend together due to the men all being friends.


Julia Woods has had enough of adventure seeking men to last her a lifetime. She moved away from the last one to a small town in Texas. She enjoys the lifestyle here a lot. While staying with her mom’s best friend, she meets Stephen, a volunteer fireman who does roofing as his full time job. He gives her landlord an estimate on hail damage all the while checking out Julia’s curves. They start a pretty hot little fling but when she finds out that Stephen is kind of an adrenaline junkie, she bows out of their relationship. Can Stephen get her to take a chance on him despite his adventurous spirit?


Marcus Holt still loves his wife. Even after she left and divorced him four years ago. He carries a lot of anger where she is concerned. How could she leave him when he needed her the most? Rayna Holt has never gotten over her anger toward her ex husband. She moved away, got a great job and never looked back. When her grandmother’s health brings her back home, she runs into Marcus. After spending some time together,they start talking about all they lost and the emotions that come along with that.


Talia King has it bad for Dylan. Dylan has it bad for Talia. She’s asked him out twice only to be rejected. Dylan wants to give Talia everything she deserves but not him. He can never be assured that he won’t hurt her physically. His father looms in his memory big time. Can Talia break through before Dylan ruins their chance at happiness?

This book was okay for me. I really enjoyed the second story the best. It was sweet and a little heart wrenching. The first one was good but I never connected with the two leads totally. The third book I found boring. I know about Dylan’s past but he frustrated to no end. All in all, it was just okay. Hot firemen and scorching sex scenes made it more easy to read.


Desperate Housewives of Olympus by Saranna DeWylde

Desperate Housewives of Olympus
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-No Kink
Genre-Contemporary Set Paranormal
Reviewed by Kay
314 pages

Man, I enjoyed reading this book and had waited along time to do so. Oh, it was so worth it.

I’ve always loved Mythology although I’m no expert on it. I think my love of Mythology is because it’s a soap opera and I’ve always loved soap operas. What’s not to love? Love, sex,suspense, backstabbing and of course, it’s very own over the topness. I don’t know if topness is a word but you know what I mean. This novel is about several people. Hades, Persephone, Demeter, Eros, Zeus, Hera, Thanatos, Abstinence, Nyx (who I’d never heard of before) and Apollo(who I loved even after the book Styxx ruined him for me).

It’s kind of like the T.V. show, Wife Swap a little bit. The couples you think you know are together aren’t and you root for the new couples this very talented author created. You get so sucked in and invested in these couples’ stories so quickly. These couples find out that:

1.) Sometimes you get a second chance to get it right.

2.) Loving someone with the heart of your youth doesn’t mean forever but it’s still an important love.

3.) Age doesn’t really matter when it comes to love.

4.) Sometimes you get what you really need even if you never thought you wanted it.

5.) Trust and respect are the most important things in a marriage.

6.) Everyone answers to someone.

What a great read! This author is fantastic and I will absolutely read more by her. Try it if you love Mythology, hot sex, high emotion and finding love in unexpected places. I’ll leave you with my favorite quotes from the book.

“Nyx’s mother had been none to pleased and she was the scary bitch kitty deluxe in her family.”

“I love you like the sun loves the sky-content to burn in its arms for eternity. My love is more constant than the stars and when they shudder into oblivion, it will still be there-strong in my heart as the day it was born. When the mortal world is nothing but dust and ash and all that makes us sentinent has slipped away in the granules of sand through the great hourglass-yes even then. No matter if you never feel your hurt beat again inside of your chest, no matter if you never feel anything but lust for me, I will love you.”

“This is enough for me. I don’t need anything else but what’s in this space of breath between us. Can you feel it? Can you taste it?”

“I’m embarrassed to tell you.” “Persephone, after a god has been ears deep in your nether bits,as you’ve described them, and you’ve ridden his face like a pony, nothing should ever be a taboo discussion between you.”