Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy

Tigers and Devils

Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-None
Reviewed by Anne

I can’t believe I waited so long to read this book! It was incredible! I didn’t want to put it down.  I was severely book cranky inbetween reading sessions. I see there is a sequel that catches up with Simon and Declan a few years later. I will definitely read it, but for now I just want them to be perfectly happy in my head for a while!
Tigers and Devils is a contemporary male/male romance set in Australia.  And when I say it’s set in Australia, it’s really in Australia, with Australian slang and references I had to figure out.  Declan is a pro footballer and a mega celebrity.  He just happens to overhear Simon both insulting and defending him at a party.  Simon is a huge football fan, but a bit of an “arty wanker”.  After overhearing a comment that lets him know Simon is gay, Declan comes on to Simon when they are alone.  The only hitch is that Declan is far, far in the closet.  And this starts a funny and touching journey for the two of them together. 

There were several things I loved about this book.  I smiled constantly while reading it.  The whole story is told from Simon’s point of view, and he’s a funny, self-depreciating guy.  The story also feels very realistic.  I believed in Simon and Declan’s affection for each other.  That made their situation all the more gut wrenching. 

Simon and Declan were great characters, too.  Neither was perfect, and both made frustrating decisions.  The way they worked through things was realistic, too.  It’s incredible writing!

There were a few little things that might bother some readers.  As I mentioned, the story is told exclusively from Simon’s point of view.  This worked fine for me.  Also, the sex in this book is behind closed doors and not detailed. There’s no doubt it takes place, and there’s lots of it, but it’s not written explicitly.

I highly recommend this story!

Caden’s Vow by Sarah McCarty

Caden's Vow (Hell's Eight #6)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Series-Hell’s Eight #6
Reviewed by Kay

This focus of this book is on Caden and Maddie. Caden is one of the Hell’s Eight. Eight boys who were the only survivors of a massacre in the town they lived in. This attack happened when they were all boys and it bonded them all together. They had to survive on the streets until they were found by Tia, who took them in and basically saved their lives. They as adults built Hell’s Eight Ranch and became Texas Rangers. Their reputations are fierce and well known.

Caden is tired of all the matrimonial bliss going on around him and decides to leave and find his own place in life. Maddie is also living at Hell’s Eight. She escaped from a whorehouse she was born and raised in, taking refuge at Hell’s Eight. She is love with Caden and it’s a difficult situation. Maddie retreats in her own mind a lot. This causes others to see her as crazy or childlike.

I looked at some reviews of this book and was scared to read it. They were not favorable. I agree that Sarah McCarty has slipped with the last few books in this series. The last book I truly enjoyed by her was Tucker’s. For me, Tracker’s and Shadow’s were borderline sub par. The stories were okay but the heat level was tanking and that was one of the reasons I have enjoyed her work so much in the past.

I loved everything about this book. I can’t stress that enough. I think McCarty has hit her stride. The characters broke my heart, especially Maddie. She’s always been viewed as fragile and for most of the book she is, but you know a little bit more why. She is an extremely damaged young woman. She was pimped out by her mom at age eight. She cares horrific self-esteem issues. I was furious at some comments made by Caden to her about her. I openly bawled several times in this book because of her view of what she deserved for circumstances in her life she had no control over. Her defense mechanism was too retreat inside her mind and with her past it is totally understandable. Fans of this series will cheer this book. It is my favorite in the series easily.

Tempt Me by Olivia Cunning

Tempt Me (One Night with Sole Regret, #2)
Hotness Level-Inferno
Kink Level-Low
Series-One Night With Sole Regret #2
Reviewed by Kay

This is story two in the One Night With Sole Regret series. Sole Regret is a rock band with five members. This story focuses on one of the guitarists, Adam Taylor and his frequent hook-up, Madison Fairbanks. They’ve hooked up whenever he’s in Dallas for the last year. They very much enjoy each other and the time they spend together. Madison met Adam as a counselor for substance abuse. He’d just survived a drug overdose and was in treatment.

Madison comes to the decision that this hook-up is their last because she’s acknowledging that she had fallen in love with Adam. She knows their not seeing each other again will be painful but less painful than a broken heart. Adam has realized he’s tired of non-discriminate hook-ups with random women. He gets almost giddy with anticipation when he thinks about Madison. He tries to keep it under wraps because his band mates would give him hell over it.  He realizes that Madison accepts him, past and all.

Each of these characters get an education about each other and what the other sees in and expects of them. Adam gets to find out that Madison accepts his rock star lifestyle even knowing she might not be able to handle being a part of it. Madison finds out that Adam has been keeping a few big secrets from her.

This story captivated  me from the first page and never stopped. I’ve been a huge fan of Olivia Cunning’s from the beginning of the Sinners On Tour series. I have the third one of that series on my Kindle waiting! Can’t wait! I recommend anything she writes although she writes something with time travel in it that haven’t read. Read this story with a fan blowing on you because it’s a scorcher.