Willing Victim by Cara McKenna – Kate’s Review

This is Anne’s birthday week, so we’re going to spend two days on one of her favorite books of all time.  Today is Kate’s review, and tomorrow, Anne’s review.


Grade: C+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Moderate Kink
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM
Published: 8/6/10
Reviewed by Anne

When Laurel sees a stranger standing up for a lady who is being harassed, she follows the man and introduces herself. Flynn is an underground fighter not really looking for a serious relationship.  He’s happy with the friends-with-benefits situation he currently has.  Until Laurel shows up in the picture.  There’s so much that attracts him to her, but she’s 100% vanilla and Flynn accepted a long time ago that he needs more than just vanilla.  We get to join Laurel on her journey of discovery with Flynn’s darker side.

This book came highly recommended by Anne and a few other book friends.  And I went into it a little hesitantly because I’m not a huge fighter romance fan.  But I loved Flynn and his fighting and his desires and most of all his dirty mouth.  I could go on and on about Flynn’s dirty mouth.  Seriously.  If hot, dirty, balls-to-the-wall sex is what you like to read this is the book for you.

Despite the fantastic sex, I just wanted there to be more to the relationship. At first I thought “well, maybe if this was a full length…” But then I realized it wasn’t a novella, it was closer to 281 pages. So length was not the problem. I just wanted more than a sexual connection between them. It was clear at the end that there was more of a connection, I just wanted to see it more.

I do want to mention the opening scenes with Flynn and his friends-with-benefits.  I understand that the purpose was to expose Laurel to his lifestyle, but I really didn’t enjoy seeing him with someone else.  However, once I got past that, the story really took off.

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