Tempting Alibi Review by Savannah Stuart

Grade: D+
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: Mild Kink
Genre: Contemporary
Published: 8/19/14
Reviewed by Kate

Michaela and Scott have barely spoken to each other, even though they’ve been neighbors for months now.  But when Michaela’s car needs some work, she takes it to Scott’s garage.  While she’s there the sheriff comes in and asks Scott where he was the night before.  Michaela pipes up and tells the sheriff that Scott was with her.  Later that day, Scott knocks on her door to say thank you and the relationship builds quickly from there.

I was happily reading my way through the pages of this one and then the last page snuck up on me.  I knew it was on the shorter side as far as length goes, but I didn’t feel like the story was done yet.  It almost felt like a long exerpt from a novel rather than a complete story in itself.  The summary made me think there was going to be a lot more conflict than there ended up being.  The main conflict would be the issue with the sheriff, but after she provides an alibi it’s a complete non-issue.  And even the climax of the book (no, not that kind of climax) was rather anti-climactic.  I didn’t feel like there was much, if any, character growth.  Rather than watching the pair of them discover each other and themselves this one seemed to be a matter of one of them finally getting up the nerve to talk to the other.  After that, all communicating was done in the buff.  And there was a lot of in the buff stuff being done.  All in all, I was left with a definite feeling of “there should have been more.”

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