Bound to Please by Joey W. Hill

Grade: B-
Hotness Level: Inferno
Kink Level: High Kink
Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, novella
Series:  Naughty Bits Part 3
Published: 6/17/2014
Reviewed by Kate
107 pages

Ever since Madison inherited her sister’s lingerie shop, she’s been slowly working her way to a relationship with Logan, a Dom who owns the hardware store next to the lingerie shop.  They’ve messed around a bit as Madison explores the submissive side of herself.  Logan has promised Madison a session to explore the pain/pleasure connection, she just has to tell him when.

Madison has a history of failed relationships.  Ones where she has invested herself 150% but her partner never even got close to 100%.  She’s determined to protect her heart by avoiding relationships altogether.  Every step that Logan makes toward a relationship made me cheer while every resistance from Madison left me utterly frustrated.

My biggest complaint about this one (and the series) is that it’s being released in a serial format.  Which I hate.  I’m not a patient person.  But I’ve hung with this series this long.  I can’t wait to read the 4th installment!

A heads up:  this one includes a scene with Madison and another man.  No sex between them, but if that kind of thing bothers you…

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