Gambled by Cristin Harber

Gambled: A Titan Novella (Titan #3.1)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-Titan #3.1
Genre-Contemporary Roamntic Suspense
Reviewed by Kay
98 pages

A second chance love story between a husband and wife? I’m all over it!Brock Gamble is ostracized, black listed, an outcast from his old life. That’s what happens when you are considered a traitor. It’s what happens when you betray your best friends. Endanger people you care about or people they care about. Doesn’t matter that you had no choice, no other options. And when the people you did it for walk away, it leaves you with nothing.

Sarah Gamble never really knew what her husband did for a living. When she found out firsthand, she couldn’t forgive or forget. She understood his motivation but the danger that came with it was too much for her to handle. Too much for their daughters to handle. When she’s approached by an unlikely source regarding forgiving Brock, she’s forced to decidwe whether she really wants to lose the only man she’s ever loved.

I enjoyed this so much. Cristin Harber is a master at character description. You fall in love with them all and yearn for their happily-ever-afters. Watching Brock and Sarah get to truly know each other again was so sweet and sexy. I can’t wait to read the next novella in this series that keeps getting better and better.

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