After The Storm by Maya Banks

After the Storm (KGI, #8)

Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-KGI, #8
Genre-Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Kay
392 pages

Donovan Kelly is one of the Kelly’s of KGI. He’s the computer geek that looks like anything but a geek. He’s as devilishly handsome as his other brothers. He can lead in the war room or in the field. Donovan sees his brothers one by one falling in love and having babies and knows he wants this too but hasn’t found the right woman yet. He’s on the look out for her but not devoting himself to the search, much to his mother’s dismay.

Eve is in her mid twenties and in big trouble. She basically kidnapped her two younger half siblings from the father, her step-father. She knows he killed her mother and made advances on her. Because of her rebuffing him, he has had her declared unstable and alerted the law to her taking of the children. The three so them are on the run from him. They wind up in the Kelly’s hometown and on their radar. When Eve realizes this, she knows they have to run because she can’t afford to trust anyone.

I read a lot of reviews of this book and most of them very unfavorable. I thought the book was okay. It wasn’t the best in the series but it wasn’t the worst either. That honor still belongs to Nathan and Shay’s book. My complaint was that his internal conversations were so damn repetitive that I thought I would scream. I’ve waited for Donovan’s book for awhile, so it not being wonderful was a disappointment but not a total loss either. I’ll still read this series because it’s solid and I did get a catch up on all the other Kellys.

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