Kay’s Reading Goals For 2014

I have decided on my 2014 reading goals. I got this idea from Kate and Anne. My goals aren’t numerous but they are different for me and are as follows:

1.) I will read a G.A. Aiken book.

2.) I will read Adam and Karla’s book by Kallypso Masters even though that genre has just about killed me.

3.) I will accept one challenge from each of my co-bloggers, as long as it isn’t too far out of my comfort zone.

4.) I will continue with the In Death series by J. D. Robb challenge with Anne. You are still several books behind on Lorelei James’ series, Anne. Kate and I haven’t forgotten this.

5.) I will read at least 20 books that have set on my Kindle collecting dust.

6.) And finally, I will try to read 200 books for 2014 and actually complete my Black Dagger Brotherhood Challenge.

These goals may not sound like much to you but this list is daunting to me. Now, what about you, Anne and Kate?

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