Mounting Danger by Karis Walsh

Grade: B-
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Contemporary, F/F
Published: 10/15/13
Reviewed by Anne
264 pages
I have never read a f/f romance before this one, though I’ve read one f/f/m story.  I liked the set up for this story and it turned out to be a good read.  I’ll definitely read more f/f romance!
Rachel, a police officer, made a decision (before the story starts) that has left her estranged from the rest of the police force.  She feels very alone.  And when she’s assigned to lead the new mounted division, she knows it’s not a compliment.  She thinks she’s being set up to fail.  She ends up asking a woman she knew in college, Callan, to help her train the other mounted police squad officers.  Callan is about as far from a lowly police officer as you can get.  She’s a polo star from a family with a lot of money.  She doesn’t really have time to help Rachel, but she’s interested enough in Rachel to make the time.
Into this reunion, the author mixes a mystery and some suspense.  It appears that someone really doesn’t want Rachel to succeed.  But who is it?  And why?  I enjoyed the mystery and thought it was well written.

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