Dirty Girls’ Guide to Making Good Games Dirty

Kay and I (Anne) are part of a book club.  It’s not your average book club, though.  We all read romance.  There is no assigned reading, but we meet once or twice a month to talk about what we’re reading and squee over books we love.  Even better than the monthly meetings is the yearly Bookclub Retreat.  One of our members has a lake house and hosts us for a girls only weekend of reading, movies, eating, drinking, and fun.  My special contribution to these weekends has always been to bring the games. 

I enjoy searching Amazon for games we might like.  My favorite from years past is Loaded Questions Adult
 This is a group board game that is best with 5 or more players.  You move around the board and take turns asking questions off of the cards included in the game.  Everyone answers the question on a sheet of paper.  The sheets are handed in and the question asker tries to match answers to people.  It’s a great way to get to know each other better.  And it’s hilarious!

Even more than I enjoy these games others have made, I like to modify existing games.  I take a game I enjoy in its original version and spice it up a bit.  Here are a few of them I’ve modified.  I’m going to assume you’ve played the standard game – they’re all good! 

Dirty Scattegories
This is simple one.  I created an alternate answer grid with categories such as: Body Part, Something You Shout, Euphemism for “having sex”, etc. 

You roll the Scattegories die and use the letter.  Start the time and fill out the column on the answer grid.  You get a point for any answer no one else has.  As with the regular version, this one is more fun if you work in small teams of 2-3 people.  We laughed so much with this one and argued over acceptable answers, many of which needed explanations.  After someone (ahem) was accused at being able to work “cock” into the answers no matter what letter was rolled, this game ended with the now legendary Alphabet of Cock.  A – Amazing Cock.  B – Beautiful Cock, etc.


Dirty Scrabble/Upwords/Words with Friends 
I think we played this in person on a real Scrabble board one year, but I generally play this with Kate on Words With Friends.  Below are the alternate rules.  If you’re playing in person you can just assign bonus points for using words from each list.  Probably 50 points for the A list and 10 for the B list.  There is nothing like the feeling of saving your letters and finally being able to play the word PENIS!

Dirty Words Rules
  1. When one player plays a word from the A list, the other player must pass on their next turn.
  2. When one player plays a word from the B list the other player may only play 3 tiles or less on their next turn

A list (plurals count, too)

Penis, dick, cock, vagina, pussy, flaccid, erection, copulate, whore, vulva, thong, panty, menage, dildo, stripper, spank, bitch, spunk, sexy, breast, nipple, swallow, vibe, labia, semen, grope, naked, wench

B list (plurals count, too)

ass, tit, shit, shat, head, come, kiss, butt, whip, strip, shag, balls, nuts, orgy, sex, dink, boob, bra, slit, erect, nude, bone, sub, snog, dong, rack, lube, blow, jugs

Note: we often negotiate and add words to the A and B list as we play.  Feel free to expand the lists! 

Dirty Apples to Apples
For this game you’re going to use the adjective (green) cards as you normally do.  But you’ll have different noun (red) cards in your hand.  We started with the Junior version of the game.   I made up a list of alternate red cards that was very fun to play with.  I printed mine on cardstock and cut out little mini cards.
having sex
belly button
knocking boots
making up
getting to 3rd base
getting to 2nd base
Getting to 1st base
holding hands
chest hair
man parts
girl parts
going out on a date
getting married
making out in a car
first date
first time
a bucket of daquiris
book club
romance novel
erotic story
watching a movie
making supper
going out to eat
reading a good book
paramornmal romance
historical romance
contemporary romance
birthday party
strip poker
stripper pole
Doing a strip tease
cleaning the house
doing laundry
taking care of yourself
blow job
oral sex
a half marathon
date night
wedding cake
chocolate chip cookies
getting a free book
The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Ice cream
Text message
You could definitely add your own words to make more cards.

Dirty Bubble Talk
If you’re unfamiliar with this game, it’s a lot like Apples to Apples, except you use pictures instead of adjective cards and you use quote cards instead of noun cards.  To make an adult version of the game you need some adult pictures.  Book covers would be one possibility.  Jess Michael’s fb page would be another.  The Broken Circle on Pinterst would serve well.  Jill Shalvis’ inspiration page would also work.  Coffee and porn has some nice very adult images, too.  Anyway, I’ve gotten a bit off track here.  Put your image bank together.  I saved mine onto my iPad.  Then you pop up a picture.  Everyone looks at the caption cards they have in their hands and submits the one they think best fits the picture. 

Another alteration you could make to this game would be to make up your own caption cards.  But sometimes I think the best humor comes from taking something not meant to be dirty and making it really, really durrrty.

So, how about you?  Do you have any party games you like to play?  Have you modified any existing games?

6 thoughts on “Dirty Girls’ Guide to Making Good Games Dirty

  1. I don't have any party games or modified games that I've played (other than dirty words with friends that you mentioned above), but I'm beginning to see wht I'm missing out on by living so far away. If I was closer, maybe I'd be able to join your book club. Sad sigh.


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