Seducing The HIghlander by Michele Sinclair

Seducing the Highlander (McTiernay Brothers, #5)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-No Kink
Series-McTiernay Brothers #5
Reviewed by Kay
373 pages

Craig McTiernay is a highlander who is comfortable with his lot in life for the most part. He has a large and wonderful family. He has wealth. He’s good looking and he has his best friend, Meriel.
Meriel is a laird’s daughter and his sister-in-law. They have developed a true friendship since their twins married each other.

This story is about each of them falling in love with one another despite their vehement stance on not marrying. Both are headstrong and stubborn but very passionate about everything. When they finally give into their feelings, it is truly a realistic look at marriage. It’s ups and downs. It’s adjustment periods and the realization that we each have our faults.

My huge problem with this is that I had to wait for two years to get this book. The author, who, in her defense, writes great love scenes, started another series before she finished this one. I HATE that! I read a lot and in great number, so if I have to wait a long time for a book it’s hard for me to remember characters and such. Unfortunately, I never warmed to the book because of not remembering details and it pretty much ruined the series for me. Then I look up to see what the author is writing next and it is a book to the other series and that cemented it for me. Very sad because I love Scottish historical romance and she did it well.

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