Reckless Night by Lisa Marie Rice

Reckless Night (Dangerous #3.5)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Dangerous #3.5
Reviewed by Kay

This is a very short novella or very short story. It takes place after the novel  Dangerous Passion which I read years ago. It would be very helpful to have read that book first. It’s not really a stand alone type of read.

Manuel and Victoria are a married couple living on a tropical island somewhere. They are very devoted to each other and happy. Their life is pleasant and safe which is a huge thing for them, especially Manuel. See, Manuel is really Vicktor (Drake) Drakovich and Victoria is really Grace. They had to change their names due to Drake’s former occupation. He was an arms broker/dealer. A very successful and feared one. He faked his and Grace’s deaths after an assassination attempt.

Grace throws Drake a birthday party with some new friends on their island and it goes very well. Drake wants to get Grace a Christmas gift that she’ll enjoy. She doesn’t care for flashy expensive things, so it is difficult for Drake to pick something. He finally decides on a trip to Sydney where he has never been involved with the arms trade before. He feels it will be safe for them.

I leave the story ending for you to read if you like. I love Lisa Marie Rice and enjoyed the epilogue of Drake and Grace. There’s a juicy sex scene and a dramatic ending that Rice writes so well.

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