Married by Midnight by Julianne MacLean

Married By Midnight (Pembroke Palace, #4)

Grade: C-
Hotness Level: Blaze
Kink Level: No Kink
Genre: Historical
Series: Pembroke Palace #4
Reviewed by Kate
186 pages

Lord Garrett Sinclair’s father is going crazy and had his will changed. Unless all four of his sons marry by midnight on Christmas Eve, his entire fortune will go to the London Horticulture Society. Garrett has been out of country (read: avoiding his father) for the past 7 years. He agrees to return and marry (in name only), if his brothers find the bride for him. Lady Anne Douglas has been compromised and disowned by her parents. When Garrett’s brothers offer her income and independence in exchange for marrying Garrett (who will leave the country after the wedding) she accepts.

This story had almost everything I’ve come to love about a marriage of convenience.  A hero and heroine dealing with their pasts.  A plausible reason for the union.  But it was missing my favorite piece of the plot – the struggle to get to know each other.  That awkward part where both the hero and the heroine make mistakes as they try to figure out how to live together.  Instead Garrett and Anne were immediately comfortable with each other.  It was just too perfect, too quickly. 

How about you?  Do you prefer the getting to know you clash or the instant perfection?

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