Ten Reasons To Stay by Sabrina Jeffries

Ten Reasons to Stay
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-Schools For Heiresses
Reviewed by Kay

This novella was previously published by Sabrina Jeffries. It will be re released on May 6, 2013.
This is the story of one of the heiresses from the school, Eliza Crenshawe. She was picked up from the school by her uncle under false pretenses. He takes her home and says he is going to marry her off to his friend.

Colin Hunt, an earl, has just arrived at his newly inherited estate. He sees a boy sneaking into his stables. This worries him because he has a lot of impressive horseflesh. He confronts the boy only to find out it’s a girl. The girl is trying to make it back to her school to escape a forced marriage.

Colin and Eliza are precious together. Eliza as she fights for her dignity, virtue and survival, all by herself. And Colin as he fights for acceptance because he’s a foreigner and he fights the demons of his past.

This is a great, short read. I loved every second of it. I’m a big fan of Sabrina Jeffries, so this just solidified that for me. It was moving, tender and hot. Three things I just adore. And when he counts the ten reasons she should stay….sigh.

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