The Things I Do For You by Minx Malone

The Things I Do for You (The Alexanders, #2)
Hotness Level-Blaze
Kink Level-None
Series-The Alexanders #2
Reviewed by Kay

Nick Alexander is a financial whiz kid and a bit of a reputed playboy. He owns the reputation with no problem at all but it is more of who he used to be. He had a blistering one night stand with his future sister-in-law awhile back and that has him rethinking his ways.

Raina Winters is a model whose biggest hope is to be a mother. She has endometriosis and has a timetable to get pregnant. She also has a fiancee who seems to be on the same page with a marriage of convenience. She will never forget the night of passion she shared with Nick, her future brother-in-law.

I loved the premise of the book and that’s what drew me in. What the book became was tedious and infuriating. Raina was a horribly selfish and annoying heroine. She constantly fought against her feelings for Nick. I won’t tell you how they end up as a couple just in case you want to read it for yourself. Nick does everything he can to prove himself and I thought it was a bit ridiculous. I have read Minx Malone before and enjoyed it but not this offering, not at all.

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