Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kiss Me, I'm Irish
I wanted so badly to finish this book in time to review it for St. Patrick’s Day!  And then Spring Break happened.  Well, first the preparing for Spring Break and the four children I’d have home all day happened.  At that point I thought, “Well, I’ll just finish the Jill Shalvis story and review that one.”  Then school actually got out and my reading time disappeared.  So I didn’t even finish the one short story!  I’m so sorry!  But, hey, I’m half way through the Jill Shalvis story and really enjoying it!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll tell you about my favorite Irish character ever.  Roarke.  Yeah, I know, you probably already know Roarke. 
Naked in Death (In Death, #1)
Naked in Death, featuring Eve Dallas (tough New-York-City-of-the-future homicide detective) and Roarke (I’m-so-rich-one-name-is-enough.)    How awesome are these two?  The 26th book in their series was released last month!  But I think it’s not enough to read these books.  You need to listen on audio.  I feel like I’d recognize these characters if I heard them talking in another room.  The narrator is awesome.  The stories are awesome.  Roarke’s Irish accent is awesome. 

So, if you need an excuse, hey, it’s St. Patrick’s day.  Get yourself an audio copy of Naked in Death and find something productive to do* while you listen, because if you’re like me, you’ll just want to keep listening, listening, listening.  

*things I do while listening to the In Death series: laundry, house cleaning, sewing, quilting, crocheting, walking, exercising, driving around town.  I’ve been known to drag out my to-do list just so I can listen longer!

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